Sunbreakers system is a highly efficient external shading system, which can also serve as a decorative part of the building. The blades and guide rails are made of thin-walled extruded aluminium, which makes the whole construction lightweight, yet durable. Sunbreaker is a mobile system with a blade rotation range from 0 to 90 degrees; it can be fixed both horizontally and vertically. Sunbreaker is a perfect way of making a building more architecturally attractive and for reducing energy consumption from air conditioning.

Using Sunbreaker can significantly improve the energy balance of the building. Optimally designed solutions allow you to stop even up to 80% of sunlight, thereby allowing reduction of energy consumption from air conditioning even up to 30%.

RENSON - Creating healthy spaces

RENSON (Belgium) warranty:
– general – 5 years
– coating of aluminium parts – 10 years

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