Our projects. We offer a wide range of products: roller, vertical, pleated, bamboo, wood and aluminium horizontal, roman blinds and insect nets, including roller blinds, security grilles, outdoor blinds and awnings. The range is completed by curtains, curtain systems and everything needed for their installation – metal and wooden rods, curtain rails, profiles and panel rails. All types of day and night curtains, fire-resistant curtain fabrics.

We operate throughout Latvia and abroad. We offer a full service – from consultation to installation..

Here you can see our portfolio..

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Curtain project

Awning for a private house

Window project in an apartment hotel

Curtain project in an apartment hotel

Project in an apartment hotel

The project Aparthotel Amella

Project in Blaumana Street apartment

Roller blinds project in Jurmala

Day and night curtains

Roman blinds with day curtains

Day curtains and roller blinds installed in an apartment

Curtain makeover project in an apartment

Blinds project in Riga office centre

Curtain project in an apartment

Roman blinds in the kitchen

Curtain/blinds project in an apartment

Horizontal blinds in the kitchen

Curtains and horizontal blinds project for an office building in Riga

Curtain project in an apartment in Marupe

Curtains and blinds project in a private house

Horizontal wooden blinds project Printify

Curtain project Mezaparka Residences

Awning on the foot


Protective blinds – Sigulda`s Castle Park

Pergolino (pergola / patio roof) / awning in a frame

Freestanding / movable awning

Liepaja Concert Hall

Gypsum factory curtains and blinds

Special curtains voile solution

Awning at the sauna

Awning for terrace

Gipsa fabrika apartments

Private house in Pinki

Gipsu fabrika – curtain on hooks

Roller safety grille for warehouse

Awning with manual control

Outdoor blind with ZIP

Z-Towers DEMO apartments

Office G.Astras street

Gipsa fabrika apartment B

Gipsa fabrika apartment T

Livas group – DEMO house

Motorized awning Dakar

Roller blind at balcony

Solemn curtains

Motorized outdoor roller blind

Facade/ outdoor venetian aluminum blinds

Awning for outdoor kiosk

Large insects net

The villa Lene

Palladio awning

Curtain panel system

Motorized roman blinds

ERGO office building

Stage curtains

Office – meeting rooms

Rumenes Manor – Garden House

Equipment shop SILS

Music school – curtains

Citadele bank head office

Car showroom

Kaltene pier house